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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

16 October - 20 October 2000

The Convoy is escorted over the next several days to VII US Corps and link up with them near Seesen.

20 October - 31 October 2000

Now without their armor, B-Troop and God, Phoenix and Kate travel with VII Corps along the Hildesheim-Hannover-Bremen Road to Bremerhaven.

31 October 2000

12:30 Lima

VII US Corps is met by elements from V US Corps at Bremerhaven, and God, Phoenix and Kate are processed into Task Force 34.

31 October - 15 November 2000

God, Phoenix and Kate spend their last days before TF 34 embarks exploring Bremerhaven, drinking with other NATO troops and generally relaxing and collecting and arranging gear to get under the 100kg limit imposed by Operations Order OMEGA.

15 November 2000

06:00 Lima

Final muster and boarding of TF 34 by the 43,000 remaining US Troops and their allies. At this point Phoenix and Kate inform God that they will not be accompanying him back to America, but instead will be heading back to Krakow to continue working for Colonel Richard Stark and the DIA.

09:00 Lima

The last remaining soldier of the Unit, Lieutenant Shane "God" Pendlan, SEAL Team 8 boards the DD981 USS John Hancock of Task Force 34.

11:00 Lima (12:00 Zulu)

Task Force 34 leaves Bremerhaven for the United States of America.

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