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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events


12 October 2000

18:30 Lima

B-Troop and the Unit leave Dobrodzien at dusk, intending to avoid contact until they reach Wroclaw, where the Soviet 129th Motorized Rifle Division has its Headquarters Unit and Supply Dump. Once in range they will hit the HQ, inflicting as much damage as they can while stealing as much fuel as they can get their hands on before fleeing through the Western Front into Germany.

23:00 Lima

On the Namyslow-Pokoj road B-Troop is spots an armored column heading south towards the Frontier and elects to attack it.

In a fierce battle, the column is destroyed, but B-Troop looses a LAV-75 and a LAV-25, after quickly stopping to strip the column of easily salvageable supplies and fuel, B-Troop continues its movement towards Wroclaw.