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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

8 September 2000

08:30 Lima

The group is gathered together at Filip's headquarters and discuss the future. Adam is adamant about bringing the tug into the city, against the advice of Joker and God.

10:30 Lima

Against their better judgment, God and Joker gather up the remainder of the tug's crew and travel back through the ruins to collect the tug.

12:00 Lima

Through a haze of rain showers, lookouts on the top of Filip's stronghold spot an armored convoy leaving Muranow and crossing the last remaining bridge near Muranow towards Radzymin. Filip sends scouts into nearby communities to learn the purpose of the convoy.

14:00 Lima

The group is attacked by marauders and Brass takes a bullet in the knee, but the marauders are driven off or killed. Schaefer stabilizes Brass and the group transports him to the Commodore's Flotilla.

18:00 Lima

Schaefer operates on Brass' knee and sets it with a makeshift knee-brace. The rest of the group talk about ways to get the tug into the city in the face of the Baron's patrols.