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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

13 September 2000

09:30 Lima

1st Lieutenant Piotr Rotmistrov arrives in Warsaw on horseback and is challenged by sentries of Group East. He is brought to Filip and the unit and questioned about his presence. It turns out that he is a spetsnaz intelligence specialist who is fleeing the war and is looking for a place to settle down for the winter. He learns of the situation with the Baron and agrees to help however he may.

14:00 Lima

The unit packs up their gear into the Frog and heads through the ruins to the outskirts of Radzymin, a burnt-out ghost town.

19:00 Lima

The unit encounters the Baron's garrison in Radzymin. Rotminstrov presents his Soviet Army papers and, mainly through bluster and intimidation, manages to convince the garrison that he and the rest of them are Soviet Army Regulars on deep patrol from the provisional Polish government at Lublin. He learns that the convoy is expected to pass through Radzymin sometime tomorrow.