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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

5 October 2000

07:00 Lima

God, Phoenix and Red enter the tunnel complex. They immediately are swallowed up by the claustrophobic darkness and they light up flashlights and move deeper into the catacombs.

08:00 Lima

After crossing a subterranean culvert and some extended wandering through the myriad tunnel branches, the trio enter what appears to be a small underground chapel, as mentioned in Chenshaw's diary.

Along the walls are twenty or so moldering corpses of Polish paratroopers. Fearing some kind of trap, they move forward slowly, checking for booby traps and potential ambushes.

08:15 Lima

Finding none, they move forward towards a dais in the center of the room. On it rests a painting of the Virgin Mary and the Christ child in a gilded frame. Off to one side, the trio discovers a pile of treasures probably looted from the monastery above.

Ignoring the immediate temptation to fill their rucksacks full of gold and precious stones, the trio stops to remember Crenshaw's diary, where the corpses came to life and decide to scout the area for any other occupants of the catacombs.

Right about then, a voice booms down the corridor warning them to "begone from these hallowed halls and trouble us no more."

At this point begins a game of cat and mouse, with God scouting ahead deep into the darkness, and Red and Phoenix standing post at an intersection, and sealing other tunnels with white phosphorous grenades, filling the tunnels with smoke and making breathing difficult.

Several shots are fired from the darkness at Red to no great effect and ultimately, God prevails, shooting the "guardian" in the chest with a burst from his silence MP5. This man was in bad shape and the only identification on him was the name stitched onto his uniform, the name of Filipowicz.

10:00 Lima

Having filled most of the tunnels with white phosphorous, the trio leaves the catacombs to let the worst of the burning smoke clear and to let Brass and Kate know that they are okay.

God describes what they found down below and Kate recognizes the description of the painting as a famous icon called the Black Madonna, a national treasure and probably the most famous icon in Eastern Europe. According to legend, it was painted by the Apostle Luke on a wooden tablet made by St. Joseph for the Holy Family in Nazareth.

12:00 Lima

God, Phoenix and Red descend back into the catacombs to loot it, disarming a booby trap and recovering the Black Madonna as well as rucksacks full of gold, silver and other valuables.

14:00 Lima

The unit breaks camp and decides to follow the map in Crenshaw's diary to recover whatever goods were cached there.

18:00 Lima

After following the map deep into the forest, the Unit recovers the buried cache, consisting of a few cases of ammo, some HMMWV spares and some miscellaneous equipment, and then heads southwest through the forest towards Dobrodzien, camping for the night after several hours of hard travel through the thick woods.