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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

26 August 2000

08:00 Lima

Adam blows the whistle and the unit gets underway. Adam warns that the many rivers emptying into the Vistula has made this part of the river treacherous, and all are instructed to stand watch for mud shoals, silt, hawsers and other obstructions on the river.

16:00 Lima

After avoiding shoals and other river flotsam the unit passes the ruins of Uscie Solne and comes upon four deserters from the Soviet 38th Tank Division sitting on the shore around a campfire. God opens fire with the Hand, dropping one and sending the rest scattering for cover behind rocks and bushes. Joker kills one with a 40mm grenade, Brass kills one with a grenade and Phoenix kills one with a burst from a KPV.

18:00 Lima

Adam pulls the tug and barge ashore for the night and the Unit keeps watch.