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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

20 Jul 2000 - 21 Jul 2000

The unit continues south and run out of fuel in a gully 15 clicks west of Zyardow. Decide to camp and distill fuel and perform maintenance.

22 July 2000

Unit is approached on horseback by an armed force from Zyardow who tells them to leave the area. Upon hearing the situation, they agree to give the unit alcohol in exchange for the destruction of a marauder band (formed from the remnants of the Soviet 9th Tank Division) that has been active in the area and currently located about 30 clicks north of Lubliniec. Rest of the day spent in travel and scouting, avoiding elements of the Soviet 21st MRD.

23:00 Lima

Upon nearing the target area, God and Rand scout ahead & booby trap some of the marauder's vehicles but are separated.