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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

3 August 2000

18:00 Lima

Joker, Rand and God take the papers to Tanya and negotiate payment for delivering the papers. Tanya arranges for her partner, Max the Piano Player, to deliver the merchandise tomorrow at the Unit's warehouse.

Joker spends the night with Tanya. The others return to the warehouse to wait for Max's arrival.

4 August 2000

08:00 Lima

Joker returns to the warehouse just as Max arrives with some men. Sadly, Rand's request for a plane ticket stateside did not pan out, but Max does deliver on some requests, including some ammunition for God's sniper rifle, some basic medical supplies and a battered but serviceable BMP-C.

10:00 Lima

Max and his men take the Unit to an old bombed-out house in the Warszawskie district northeast of the Old Town where they find the BMP-C parked inside the ruins. Max's group then departs, leaving the unit in possession of the APC, which Rand promptly dubs "Charlie". The unit then drives back to the warehouse to perform routine maintenance on the two APCs and personal equipment.

5 August 2000

17:00 Lima

Unit decides to leave the warehouse, fearing reprisals from the Najezdzcie Warsawskia. They booby trap the entrances with claymores and then head south over the bridge to hide in the ruins south of the Wisla River in the outskirts of Debniki and Ludwinow. God and Rand decide to conduct a stay-behind ambush to see who come looking for them. The others drive the two APCs into some ruins and set up camp.