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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

17 September 2000

06:30 Lima

The Baron's Howitzer shells Sielce, dropping two shells onto the northwestern strongpoint on the wall. It kills a few people who were working on fortifying the emplacement, but little damage is done, structurally.

06:40 Lima

The strongpoint is assaulted by several dozen men from the Baron's forces who gain the wall in several places before being repulsed by forces from Group North.

Red kills several by providing enfilading fire from the wall against the assault troops, God takes a few shots with the Hand, and Phoenix and Brass drive the Frog up the wall and clear the area with shots from the 30mm gun.

18:00 Lima

Filip holds a council of war and decides to accept General Koronev's offer of an alliance. Lt. Veliki and Lt. Havlik inform Filip that it will take 30 minutes to get within assault range of the Baron's headquarters and that they will begin their assault on the Baron upon receiving the signal that the Baron is fully comitted in the assault against Sielce.

The community of Sielce then spends the next several days hardening strongpoints, finishing the harvest and performing drills.

It is decided that the fighters from the community of Powisle will remain hidden in the rubble to the east of the Baron, and will attack from the flank as the Baron moves his troops into the ruins.