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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

4 October 2000

08:00 Lima

The Unit strikes camp and continues their journey to Dobrodzien, but decides to backtrack back into the forest to skirt clockwise around Kamiensk and bypass the exposed roads near the Warta River.

10:00 Lima

The Unit crosses the Piotrkow-Kamiensk road and heads south and deeper into the forest, traveling parallel to the road.

12:00 Lima

The unit climbs travels steadily southwards, and stops for lunch. Phoenix stumbles across a small cave nearby containing the remains of a soldier in a U.S. Army uniform. Most of his gear was unusable, but in a rucksack were a diary and a gold chalice.

God reads the final entries of the journal, and discovers that this is the corpse of Staff Sergeant James B. Crenshaw, 1st Battalion, 256th Infantry Brigade, 5th Infantry Division, United States Army.

In the diary, entries describe his flight on July 19th from Kalisz and his subsequent journey south. One of the entries is a map that details the location of a supply cache buried by his group during their flight.

His final entries detail his discovery of some tunnels under a monastery on the top of a hill overlooking Czestochowa. According to the diary, the tunnels are inhabited by a squad of animated corpses that guard a medieval treasure horde of gold and silver.

At the mention of Czestochowa, God recounts the Battle of Czestochowa at the conclusion of Operation Rampart, May 24th to June 7th 1997, as part of his first weeks in country as part of SEAL Team Eight.

13:30 Lima

The Unit decides to check out the monastery at Czestochowa and heads uphill towards where God remembers it to be.

16:00 Lima

God directs Phoenix towards the monastery through the ruins and rubble of the nuked city. As they travel through the ruins, Red notices some blast craters near some burnt-out hulks of vehicles and, upon further inspection, realizes that they are driving through the fringes of a minefield.

God and Red dismount to lead Phoenix, Kate and Brass in the Frog out of the minefield, at which point the skirt the town to head towards the monastery from another direction.

19:00 Lima

After further scouting, the Unit finds a cave in the side of the hill that, at dusk, has many bats flying in and out of it. Brief exploring with flashlights shows that the cave is actually the mouth of a tunnel dug into the hillside.

Rather than trying the tunnel at night, the Unit sets watch and decides to enter the cave tomorrow morning after a good rest.