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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

19 Jul 2000


The unit skirts Ostrow and is chased south by light armor of the Polish 10th Tank Division. A rolling battle ensues, with Whoop Ass destroying two tanks and a handful of light armor. Beefheart orders the tank to a halt to salvage the wreckage and is hit by shrapnel from a field gun. The rest of the crew, leaving Beefheart for dead, flees south into the woods north of Sycow, where they encounter and are pursued by elements of the Soviet 21st Motorized Rifle Division. Beefheart regains consciousness, drives off some scavengers in a brief firefight and salvages a T-72 tank with working drive train but a destroyed gun. Dubbing the tank "A Whole Can of Whooped Ass" he salvages a Rapira-3 field gun (becoming "Bad Billy") and starts following his M60A4 south. By avoiding the 124 MRD and laying low, he catches up with the rest of the unit as they are camped in the forest to the north east of Namyslow.

20:00 Lima

Their camp is attacked during the night by more elements of the Soviet 21st MRD, but they are driven off when Beefheart gets Whoop Ass up and moving.