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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

2 September 2000

The day is spent in routing ship maintenance and repairing the damage to the barge as Grzech cleans out the engines and puts them back together.

3 September 2000

08:00 Lima

Adam, still weak from his surgery, takes command of the tug back from Uller and steers the tug into the river.

10:00 Lima

The Vistula Queen sails past the towns of Jozefow, Piortowin and Solec and are watched by some residents of the towns as they sail by. As they sail, dark clouds begin to gather overhead.

11:00 Lima

The Tug approaches a burnt-out hulk of a tug in the middle of the river. Adam explains that this ship was the Rzeka Ksiezna, the River Princess, which was the sister ship to the Vistula Queen that was Adam's first attempt to get to Warsaw. The River Princess came under attack by a steam-powered police cruiser with some kind of cannon mounted on its front. Adam explains that this was his first attempt to sail to Warsaw, but did not have the extra firepower he has now.

The clouds darken and lower and a thunderstorm erupts overhead and a rain begins to fall.

14:00 Lima

The Tug Sails under the wreckage of the Pulawy-Zwolen bridge and through the rain to the south they see a convoy of Polish armored vehicles laagered just on the outskirts of Pulawy. Adam tells the crew that Pulawy is on the road to Lublin, the seat of the Polish government. He also says that Polish and Soviet troops patrol the river east of the river and south of Deblin so they must be very subtle when moving through this area.

18:00 Lima

Adam sails slowly through the fog and rain on the river, finally parking the tug for the night about 10km south of Deblin. The crew cover the tug in camouflage netting and keep watch for the night.