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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

25 July 2000

Early morning Gunnar comes by with a light truck to carry away the goods, delivers some parts for the Bimp and arranges a radio protocol with the characters (15 minutes before until 15 after the hour at 10am and 6pm).

Characters spend the day in routine maintenance on Whoop Ass and the Bimp.

26 July 2000

Continued maintenance on vehicles. About this time, God contracts cholera.

That evening Bones calls with the idea of them pretending to have the papers to "flush out whomever has the papers as well as whomever else wants them." God and Joker head back to Na Zdarowa to do just that. Sometime that night, Major Sanders, the cavalry scout, wanders off into the night.

Joker makes eye contact with the Na Zdarowa singer, Tatiana. Both pretend to get really drunk and blather on about the papers to any who will listen.