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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

26 September 2000

05:00 Lima

A flatbed truck pulls up to the Unit's camp, and six men start unloading the travel crates of tools. As they leave, two of the men pull Kate from the cab and shove her into camp. She has been treated poorly, with bruises and cuts all over her face and arms, and it appears that her jaw has been broken.

Enraged, God, Phoenix and Red follow the truck into town where it pulls up in front of a smaller warehouse.

07:30 Lima

God, Phoenix and Red approach the two men sitting next to the open front of the building. Without further ado, Red blows holes through their chests with his H&K assault shotgun and the three storm into the building, where they find a group of ten men sitting around a long table, eating breakfast.

God steps forward and asks which men were responsible for raping Kate. Two of the men lunge from the table for weapons and are shot at close range by Red with his shotgun and Phoenix and his M16.

Shaken, several of the men point to the three men sitting at the head of the table. God executes them quickly and efficiently with bursts to the chest from his MP5K and the three walk from the building as the men around the table try to figure out what happened.

09:00 Lima

Fearing reprisals, the unit packs up camp into the Frog and flees Warsaw, without saying goodbye to Old Adam and his crew or any of the other survivors of the Battle for Warsaw.

13:00 Lima

Phoenix drives the Frog southwest into the forest outside of Warsaw, skirting the towns of Mszczonow, Rawa Mazowiecka and Piotrokow before running low on fuel in the woods north of Kamiensk. Fearing dangerously close to Lodz and the burial ground of the U.S. 5th, the unit lays low and quietly distills fuel.