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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

21 September 2000

06:00 Lima

The Baron begins his assault on the community of Sielce and begins to send his troops and armored vehicles into the ruins.

The battle begins with the militia of the Community of Sielce rushing toward their positions along the wall as the Barons forces move into the rubble. Shortly thereafter, artillery on both sides comes into play, eliminating the forward elements of the Baron's probe and killing men along the wall.

06:10 Lima

The Baron's troops reach the heavier rubble and burnt-out buildings in the no-mans land between the Black Fortress and Sielce, but come under fire from troops of the community of Powisle who have hidden themselves in the rubble. The assault quickly deteriorates into vicious house-to-house fighting.

Kate sends the alert message to General Koronev who begins to move his assault troops into Warsaw.

God and Red occupy a ruined building facing the Palace of Culture. Red provides area security, bud God, hoping to get a shot off at the Baron, discovers that the middle windows have all been covered with burlap, wood, or tarpaulins, obscuring his view of activity inside.

06:40 Lima

The Baron's troops continue to probe the wall with artillery, seeking to weaken the defenses, but the defenses hold despite losses. Artillery falls in the rear of Sielce, striking the top of Filip's headquarters, taking out the radio antenna and the observation crew there.

God takes a shot at someone peering from behind a window, but can't determine who the target was. Frustrated he and Red move out of the area, intending to infiltrate the Baron's compound directly.

As a signal flare rockets up from the Baron's compound, Kate sends a broadcast across the radio network saying that Filip's headquarters is under attack by forces unknown in the rear. (As it turns out, these troops were traitors led by Karl Uller who had turned coat and promised to betray Sielce from within to the Baron.) Gunfire erupts in the distance as she makes the call, and then the headquarters network goes off the air.

06:50 Lima

The Baron's forces continue to probe for weaknesses under withering artillery fire and direct fire from Bad Billy. A group breaks off from the assault and skirts southwest and makes contact with more forces from the community of Mokotow. More murderous house-to-house fighting erupts.

Elements of Group South call that they are under attack by forces that quickly overwhelm them and scale the wall into the rear of Sielce. At this point, Walter Matusiak appears from the rubble and shoots Fredrick Elsner in the head, but is himself riddle with AK fire. Leaderless, the Group South withdraws from the wall to fight a delaying action in the uncleared rubble just inside the wall, but are eventually overcome.

God and Red reach the outer wall of the Baron's compount and see a group of soldiers huddled there. Through binoculars, God spots Peotr Rotminstrov and several recon soldiers from General Koronev's 10th Soviet GTD. They link up and decide to assault the rear of the Palace of Culture in a blitz of grenades and rockets, sending the defending force reeling.

07:00 Lima

God, Red, Peotr and the recon troops shoot their way into a lobby of the Palace of Culture and come under heavy crossfire from sandbagged machinegun emplacements set up at strategic points.

Outside the Barons forces make good progress from the south and quickly overwhelm the defenders of Filip's HQ. Kate Filip, Adam and the rest of the survivors escape by jumping into the river and hiding in a culvert as the Baron's troops occupy the fortress.

07:10 Lima

Rather than searching the entire Palace for the Baron, God and the Recondos decide to set demolition charges and destroy what they can of the structure. Under covering fire by Red and Peotr and several troops, God leads a team into the heart of the Palace to set massive charges of plastique. Peotr and several of the troopers are hit.

The Baron's assault of the wall begins to crumble as some of the Free Companies of Warsaw, mostly marauders hired with the promise of loot, surrender and mutiny in face of serious losses sustained at the wall. The Baron's own troops remain loyal and continue the assault.

Some troops from Group West turn their guns around and begin shelling Filip's stronghold and the Baron's forces therein, while the remainder hold off a flanking attempt outside the wall.

07:30 Lima

God and his team detonates the charges in the rear of the Palace as the rest of the troops take cover just inside the front of the Palace in the pillboxes there. The back half of the Palace collapses in a massive concussion that throws chuncks of debris and soot over the survivors. God and Peotr are overcome by the dust and falling debris.

07:40 Lima

The assault element of the 10th Soviet GTD enters the Baron's compound through the smoke and flying dust, quickly defeating any resistance.

Many of the Baron's troops, seeing the destruction of the Palace, surrender or disband to melt away into the rubble. Those forces trapped in Filip's old headquarters are shelled into submission and finally surrender. The survivors are rounded up and set to buring their dead.

07:45 Lima

The remaining assault troops with Peotr link up with their own and tend to Peotr, God and Red who have suffered serious wounds from falling debris.


10:00 Lima

The captives from Baron's forces are marshalled into the green infront of the burning headquarters, where a gallows has been erected for the traitors who assaulted the fortress during the battle, the corpses of Karl Uller and Walter Matusiak among them.

Brass discovers that one of the Baron's Free Companies is a marauder band comprised of Americans from the 5th Division and begins to question them on their motives and movements since July 19th.

The two-dozen or so troops are remnants of the 256th Infantry Brigade under the command of Major Langley, who survived the destruction of the 5th at Kalisz and broke out to the south. These troops had been surviving by plundering local towns for supplies when they heard about the Black Baron and his call for troops to take over the survivors of Warsaw.

Red asks Langley if he knew of any U.S. Airmen, specifically if he knew of his brother, Captain Benjamin Miller who was shot down over the Czestochowa area. He doesn't but he says while his unit was moving through southern Poland, they ran across a garrison of U.S. troops, B Troop, 1/116th, U.S. Armored Cavalry Regiment led by a Captain Molly Warren who have occupied the town of Dobrodzien and have formed the core of the town's garrison. Langley seemed to thing that Captain Molly had been there for a while and might have the lowdown of the area.

12:00 Lima

Philip Kryzistoff arrives and informs Major Langley that his troops are to be kept in an old warehouse until he can decide what to do with them. Langley agrees and allows his troops to be escorted to a dilapidated warehouse within the walls of Sielce.

18:00 Lima

Peotr and God recover from their wounds, although both are moving stiffly. The group discusses their options and enjoys a celebratory meal with the community of Sielce for the victory over the Baron.