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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

29 July 2000 - 30 July 2000

The unit (God, Rand, Joker, Bones, Phoenix, and Schaefer) stays out of sight in their rooms at the Na Zdorowa and talk about their options while God recovers from the initial effects of cholera. Henryk Hallecki (the proprietor of the Na Zdarowa) gets in touch with Col. Richard Stark (Head of Section in Krakow for the DIA) who comes to the rooms with Dr. Soames, who patches up the wounded and treats God.

Stark presents the unit with some payment options in return for giving him the Reset Papers and discusses tactics with them.

All decide that Sgt. Cutler is the key to finding whoever has the Reset papers and spend the next few days looking for Cutler from a description that Schaefer gives them.

31 July 2000

21:00 Lima

God, Rand and Joker spot Sgt. Cutler having drinks with some unidentified ruffians in the bar "Nasz Tovarisch". Joker buys them drinks as Rand plays backup and God leaves the bar to stalk the group when they leave.