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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events


13 October 2000

01:00 Lima

B-Troop skirts Wroclaw to advance on the town from the southern bank of the Oder river, leaving the soft-skinned vehicles behind as the armored elements move forward to engage the HQ of the 129th.

02:00 Lima

After sending scouts forward on foot to reconnoiter the HQ and supply dump, and giving time for Molly's M113 mortar carriers to deploy, the assault element of B-Troop attacks.

The LAVs of B-Troop blaze in, followed by HMMWV troop carriers, quickly destroying the defending 129th. God and the Hand snipe into the compound, eliminating any officers who are seen trying to organize a defense.

02:15 Lima

Quickly, the 129th is overrun and destroyed and B-Troop has control of the supply dump.

Rangers discover a decent supply of gasoline, enough to give every vehicle in B-Troop about one full tank plus a small reserve. Molly and the Unit decide to convert their vehicles to gasoline to facilitate a quick sprint across the border into Germany.

She deploys her Rangers into a defensive envelope around the fuel dump, while her support personnel get to work on the 8-hour process of converting the vehicles to run on gasoline. God, Red and Phoenix deploy to various sections of the bombed-out industrial park surrounding the fuel dump to stand watch.

Over the next 8 hours, B-Troop, God and Phoenix withstand several uncoordinated scouting attempts from the remnants of the 129th, but no serious attempt is made by the disintegrating 129th to regain control of the supply dump.

09:50 Lima

Ahead of schedule, the mechanics of B-Troop complete the last conversion and are set to flee Wroclaw running on gasoline, heading west along the Wroclaw-Lubin Road, hoping to outrun immediate persuit buy taking advantage of the increased mobility that running on gasoline gives them.

14:30 Lima

The Unit and B-Troop blaze up the road, through Lubin, Nowa Sol and reaching Zielona Gora where the convoy gets lost moving through the center of town as they bypass a stretch of bombed out roadways.

15:00 Lima

Red spots someone observing them through binoculars from the top of a burnt-out bell tower. Without much ado, he shoots a LAW rocket into the tower, blowing off the top in a shower of debris.

16:30 Lima

The convoy exits the town to the south and heads towards Nowogrod, but approaching it they spot an observation post for the Soviet 132 Cavalry Division. The convoy pulls up and spends some time observing the post and debating their options.

Rather than engaging it, they turn around and head back to Zielona Gora and then further west towards Krosno Orczanskie.

22:00 Lima

Running low on gas, the convoy heads south deep into the woods southeast of Krosno Orczanskie to hide out the night and sleep, having been awake and moving and fighting of almost two days. Mechanics work in shifts to convert the vehicles back to alcohol.

Before turning in, Captain Molly dispatches a team of Rangers to the roadway as advanced scouts.