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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

13 August 2000 - 15 August 2000

The unit will spend the next several days searching through the ruins of Zazrzowek, hoping to come across some clue to the location of the cache. They also spend time recuperating from the attack, maintaining vehicles and nursing Schaefer and Kate back to health. Around small campfires some swap stories and locally distilled vodka while others keep watch for any remnants of the Najezdzcie Warsawskia who might lead them to the cache.

16 August 2000

08:00 Lima

During a morning patrol with Sgt. Brass, and John Phoenix, Joker hears the familiar sound of an alcohol-fueled BMP-C engine turning over, trying to start. The two head over to the noise and see a dozen or so armed men standing guard in front of an old firehouse. The nose of a BMP-C can be seen in the garage, being worked on by some more men.

Deeming this to be the hidden cache, Joker observes while radioing back to camp for support. God gears up and follows directions given by Joker, while Schaefer and Kate stay back to guard the camp.

The three wait for God to arrive, then they hit the group of men, God from an alley to the rear of the firehouse, and Joker, Brass and Phoenix from the front with grenades.

08:15 Lima

Brass and Joker open fire with several 40mm grenades, killing many while Phoenix cuts down some scouts with his M16. God cuts down a guard with a silenced MP-5 and sneaks into the back where he interrupts several men loading supplies into the back of the APC.

Back at the front, the marauders return fire ineffectively and are eventually cut down, and Brass fires a magnesium flare into the garage, hoping to distract the marauders away from Gods' entrance from the rear. Joker heads up the driveway to cut off that escape route and shoots a fleeing marauder in the leg, severing an artery and dropping the man.

Inside, God cuts down the mechanic and a few assistants and clears out the ground floor, dodging a hastily flung grenade whose fragments puncture a nearby 1,000 liter fuel tank, that begins leaking alcohol onto the floor of the garage.

08:20 Lima

God finishes his sweep of the firehouse while Brass and Joker frantically stop the alcohol from spreading towards the flare that burns in the middle of the floor. Phoenix stands perimeter security.

11:00 Lima

Having spent some time gathering the spoils and getting the APC to work, the unit discovers that they are now in possession of three APCs but only have two drivers to man them. They decide to spend some time stripping the Jalopy of anything of value and scrapping it for parts for the other two.