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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

28 July 2000

God, Rand and Joker go shopping for antibiotics and are followed back to the flat by men dressed in ORMO uniforms. Four men in ORMO uniforms enter the building landing while four more remain outside, watching the windows.

God takes a sniper position up on a balcony and John and Joker take up firing positions outside the flat around the corner staircase.

The ORMO who enter the flat are ambushed by Gunnar after they accost Bones and Rand for the location of the papers. Joker and John open fire from behind as Bones dives for cover.

God drops the hammer of the Hand on two of the "ORMO" outside, but they fire a RPG into the flat, killing Gunnar and wounding John Phoenix in the legs.

Joker drops a Willie Pete in the central landing of the building, killing the rest of the ORMO downstairs but starting a fire in the building, cutting off their escape.

Collecting the wounded, (Schaefer and Phoenix) Rand and Bones flee the flat to find the fire in the landing. God bursts through the wreckage of the flat, hefts Rand's PK machine-gun and blows a hole through the floor into the landlord's house downstairs, killing his wife. The unit escapes through a window in their flat, into a back alley and flee for the safety of a room in the Na Zdarowa.