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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

18 Jul 2000

00:00 Lima

God receives the recall order from his scouting mission and crosses the Konin bridge minutes before it is blown by the Soviet 89th Cavalry Division. Heads south to Kalisz under heavy fire from scout units.

04:00 Lima

The 5th Division is overrun by the Soviet 89th Cavalry Division. Joker follows God towards Pleszew finding themselves behind the main thrust of the 89th. The Crew of the M60A4 "A Whole Can of Whoop Ass" consisting of Captain Beefheart (Armor - tank commander), Sgt. Major Sanders (Armored Cavalry Scout - gunner), 1st Lieutenant Rand V. Daniels (Special Forces - driver), and "Trip" (Armor - Loader) break out to the north.

04:15 Lima

Whoop Ass scores hits and kills a T-72 and two Soviet APCs before Trip is killed by a hit from another Soviet T-72 during the breakout.

08:00 Lima

Joker and God camp in the forest north of Ostrow and hear the M60A4 in the same woods. The groups link up and camp for the day in a patch of thick woods, listening to the sounds of the battle raging around them.