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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

23 July 2000

3:00 Lima

Whoop Ass and Whooped Ass attack the camp and destroy the marauder band with help from the "Hungarian Gunner" (a polish man who speaks no English: Whoop Ass needed a loader). Whoop Ass looses a track during the fight and is immobilized, but manages to destroy the force with its main gun. A BMP-B is recovered during salvage efforts, and is christened "the Jalopy" by Rand.

07:00 Lima

After spending the morning in salvage and repairing Whoop Ass' track, the unit returns to Zyardow and learns about the Free City of Krakow's existence confirmed by an intelligence report that Joker scrounged from a dead marauder. The unit picks up fuel from Zyardow with the thanks of the Governor of Zyardow and then heads into Krakow.

15:00 Lima

The unit set up home in an abandoned freight warehouse to the northwest of the Old City. They are stopped by ORMO who inform them that "proper papers" are required to be in Krakow and tells them to get them from the Rada, a governing body in the Old City.

16:00 Lima

The unit gets into a brief firefight with some street urchins and robotniki who were mobbing Beefheart. Several of the smaller urchins are shot and killed. The unit is accosted by the local ORMO and escorted to the Rada where citizenship papers are purchased, and then escorted out of the Old City.

20:00 Lima

An old man walks by the warehouse and introduces himself as Evgeni who is a "local in the neighborhood" who thanks the unit for their presence. "Two tanks in the neighborhood will keep the ruffians away," he says.

23:00 Lima

The warehouse is attacked by a street gang of grenade-throwing thugs. Whooped Ass is destroyed when a grenade is dropped into its open hatch. Many thugs are killed under the massed firepower of Rand's PK machine-gun, Jokers' HK CAW, God's SMG and Beefheart's .50 caliber.