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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

8 August 2000 - 10 August 2000

These days are spent in routine maintenance of equipment, vehicles and "Bad Billy" the Rapira-3 gun. In addition, special attention is given to nursing Kate back to mental and physical health who begins to recover slowly.

11 August 2000

20:00 Lima

Koko calls over the secure radio, informing the unit that he has discovered the marauders' headquarters, located in the Dworzec Glowny station in the Wesota District of Krakow.

He sends two men to ride along in the assault to observe and collect their half of the booty.

The unit relocates to the Wesota district near the train station, while God scouts out the terrain and layout surrounding the station. He discovers the station is occupied by a dozen or so robotniki and their families in addition to the marauders.