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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

1 August 2000

1:00 Lima

Joker leaves the bar with Cutler and his friends, with God lurking outside and Rand trailing behind.

2:00 Lima

God and Rand ambush Cutler's group, killing his four friends and taking him captive. They carry him off to an abandoned building nearby for interrogation, learning of the location of a cache containing equipment from Strike Force Zulu and the Reset Papers.

10:00 Lima

Unit piles into the Jalopy and heads for the cache, located in the southern edge of the woods north of Krakow on the river Dyabnia, following directions given by Sgt. Cutler.

13:00 Lima

The unit discovers the location of the cache and ambushes the guards in a brief but fierce firefight. 7 of the Najezdzcie Warsawskia guarding the cache are killed, and two escape into the woods.

The unit stops to recover the booty and booby trap the corpses. Lt. Shaefer executes Sgt. Cutler for the ambush of his unit and mutiny, leaving his booby trapped corpse with the others.

17:00 Lima

The unit returns to their warehouse in Krakow. Rand and Joker talk about their options with the Reset Papers and decide to try to make copies of the papers to sell to multiple buyers. They are concerned that R.P. Bones might take offense to selling American secrets to representatives of other countries.