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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

17 August 2000

The day is spent stripping parts and cannibalizing vehicles.

18 August 2000

10:00 Lima

God tries to call Koko on a radio, deciding to give him the now-stripped APC and some smaller items in tribute, but there is no response, so Schaefer and God take the motorcycle and head across town to meet with Koko and do some shopping for ammunition.

18:00 Lima

R.P. Bones calls over the secure link from Stark's DIA HQ in the Old City, informing the unit that a man called Adam Rataj wants to meet with them in the Na Zdorowa with a business proposition. The unit arranges to meet the man in the Na Zdorowa at 20:00.

19:00 Lima

Brass, God and Joker pile onto the motorcycle to meet with Adam. They arrive at the bar and chat a bit with Henryk Hallecki, but he pretends not to recognize them, speaking to them only in Polish.

20:00 Lima

The three meet with Old Adam and his deck hand, Tadeuz Roszkowski, a big bear of a man who speaks little English. He and Brass stare at each other through the whole meeting like two giant bears sizing each other up.

Adam's offer is simply to come with him on a day's trip to Nowy Huta so that he can "show them something". He offers to pay anyone who comes with antibiotics.