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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

21 August 2000 - 22 August 2000

The supplies begin to arrive at a predetermined point within striking distance of the tug, which remains hidden in the dead oak grove near the Vistula river. Brass and Phoenix assist in the augmenting of the tug with steel plating and the two KPV machine-guns while Schaefer sets up a small sickbay in the galley.

23 August 2000

09:30 Lima

God is fully conscious but still mostly immobilized from his surgery. Koko decides to truck him and Joker and Kate back to the tug, where they rig up a sniper's roost for him on top of the pilothouse using some sandbags and a shelter half.

Construction continues on the tug as the crew prepares to get underway. The unit and the tugs crew discuss battle stations and Adam explains some basic navigation hazards on the river that must be spotted, lest the tug's screws or rudder be damaged or run aground.