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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

19 August 2000

07:30 Lima

Adam and Roszkowski and a third man, a tall stern German named Carl Uller, pick up Brass, Joker and God in front of Nasz Towarzysz and they spend the day traveling by ox cart to Nowy Huta. Along the way he explains a little history about the region and rambles on and on about the beauty of the Visla River.

14:00 Lima

The six arrive at the shore of the Vistula River and are introduced to the Visla Krolowa, the "Vistula Queen".

Adam puts forth a proposal to hire the unit on as guards and deck hands to accompany him on a trip via the Vistula River to Moscow to help transport his extended family and their community back to Krakow. Apparently these people have been living in the ruins of Moscow since it was nuked back in 1997 or so.

God, Joker and Brass eventually agree to the proposal and in return Adam will help find a way to arrange transport for unit back to NATO units behind the Western Front in Germany. They discuss options for increasing the survivability of the tug on the river and decide to sell the more damaged BMP-C to Koko for arms and armor. Sgt. Brass stays behind to help plan the construction while God and Joker head back to their camp in Zazrzowek to tell the others. They decide to strike camp and head out as soon as possible.

20:00 Lima

The unit strikes camp, Phoenix driving one BMP-C with Lt. Schaefer to Adam's camp in Nowa Huta while God, Joker and Kate take the other BMP-C to a meeting with Koko. Upon arriving at Koko's warehouse, they learn from the two guards in front of the warehouse that Koko isn't in, but should be returning in the morning. God Joker and Kate decide to park the BMP-C in front of the warehouse and wait until morning.