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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

29 August 2000

08:00 Lima

Adam sounds the steam whistle and the Vustula Queen gets underway.

After some discussion of the information that the two civilians provided, it is decided that the tug will heave to within striking distance of Baranow Sandomierski so that God and Phoenix can scout ahead to take a look at ground zero.

11:30 Lima

God and Phoenix disembark from the tug and head out on foot towards Baranow Sandomierski. Along the way they encounter a group of 8 farmers being watched by three men in tattered Soviet 38 TD uniforms mounted on horseback. God quickly dispatches two of the three with shots from the hand while Phoenix drops the last one with a burst from his M-16. As it turns out, them men are farmers from Baranow Sandomierski who try to convince God to become the next Mowca, or spokesman for the town. It seems that the Mowca is the only citizen of the town allowed in direct contact with Krol and the last eight have died in assassination attempts. The farmers spend some time trying to convince God to become number nine, but God has other ideas.

12:00 Lima

After getting the layout of the town's defenses, God and Phoenix radio back to the tug to relay this information. They then come up with a plan to unseat Krol and ensure passage for the tug. The plan is threefold: have God infiltrate Krol's manor house and assassinate Krol while the tug engages the gun emplacements along the shore while Phoenix acts as a blocking force between the two areas of engagement.

12:30 Lima

God and Phoenix sneak into town and head towards Krol's manor, while the tug steams towards town along the river.

12:45 Lima

Phoenix sets up an ambush along the main road from the shoreline to the manor house using claymores. Joker, on the tug, takes a slug from a bottle of vodka and sets up Bad Billy, the Rapira-3 gun, with Kate.

God sneaks through the overgrown estate towards the back of the manor and evades guards long enough to get into the ground floor of the two story manor. Upon exploring parts of the ground floor, he comes across a large kitchen containing a dozen or so marauders eating lunch. He pulls the pins on two grenades and bounces them off their table, where the resulting explosion rocks the house and sends lethal fragments throughout the men sitting there.

God rushes into a hallway and sees guards running from their posts at the front of the house towards him. He pauses to set up a claymore, and takes a burst from an AK-74 in the back, his body armor absorbing most of the damage but leaving a burning bruise from the impact. He flees down the hall and ducks into a room that happens to be the barracks for the troops. He bursts in on three marauders, dodging fire from the marauders at the entrance to the house down the hall.

Before the three can react, God hoses down the room with his MP5K, dropping the three as grenades sail down the hallway towards him, exploding in the hallway and sending shrapnel through the walls at him, but leaving him on his feet. He sprints down the hallway towards the end of the house and tosses a grenade behind him, catching two more marauders in the blast who were charging down the hall towards him.

12:50 Lima

Phoenix hears explosions from the manor house and sees two jeeps racing up the road from the shore gun emplacements towards the manor. His claymore and a grenade from his M203 leaves one jeep a burning wreck, but the other runs the gauntlet and heads towards the manor to reinforce Krol's bodyguards.

God, meanwhile has engaged some marauders down the hallway in a fierce gun battle through the dust and smoke left by the grenades. He rushes to another doorway to get a better angle on the marauders down the hall and sees that there's only one returning fire from the corner down the hall. He pulls out the Hand and puts a .50 cal slug through the drywall and through the marauder behind it.

12:55 Lima

The Vustula Queen rounds a bend in the river and comes into range of the shore emplacements, consisting of three sandbagged machine gun nests and a mortar crew in a concrete pillbox. Joker sends a round from Bad Billy into the mortar emplacement, scoring a direct hit and setting off an ammo explosion. Brass fires a rocket from the BMP that slams into a nearby building, missing the nests.

The three machine-gun nests return fire, splashing bullets across the armored front of the tug and the Rapira-3's gun shield. Brass fires off a string of grenades from the 30mm launcher on the BMP, walking them along the nests, destroying two. The last machine-gun fires a long bust, scoring hits on the wheelhouse. Adam is caught in the hail of bullets and his arm is shredded. He collapses at the wheel and Uller leaves his machine-gun to come pilot the vessel. Lt. Schaefer sees Adam go down from his MG post and comes over to see what can be done and starts to operate.

God slings the Hand and runs down the hall into the entrance hall of the manor where he comes under fire from a marauder at the top of the staircase leading to the second floor. The marauder fires off some rounds, but cannot hit the dodging God, who returns fire, scoring hits and dropping the marauder after his AK jams.

At this point, God hears the jeep of marauders roaring up to the house. He runs up the stairs and packs a ball of plastique around a radio detonator and tosses it through the front doors onto the porch. He hears the sound of men approaching and detonates the plastique, bringing down the manor's facade on the heads of the marauders.

Phoenix sees several marauders fleeing their positions along the waterfront, heading up the street towards the manor house and cuts them down with his M-16/M203.

13:00 Lima

Sgt. Brass fires yet another burst from is 30mm grenade launcher at the last machine-gun nest, totally destroying it.

God checks the northern half of the upstairs and, upon finding nothing, moves south and sees a balcony that runs around the outside of the house. He climbs through a window onto the balcony and around the corner of the manor sees a guard standing post near a machine-gun pointing to the street below. He drops the marauder with a burst from a salvaged AK and unloads the machine-gun back into the manor following it by a grenade that blows apart the office. When the smoke clears he finds a dead guard and an overturned desk with the crushed remains of a man with a gaudy crown near his head.

He scouts through the remainder of the house, making sure it has been cleared and walks through the front of the shattered manor into the street.

14:00 Lima

Uller docks the tug at a small pier at the southern end of Baranow Sandomierski while Schaefer continues to operate on Old Adam. God, Joker, Phoenix and Kate link up at the front of the ruined manor house and Kate begins to speak to the crowd that is slowly gathering. She tells them that the town has been liberated, Krol has been killed and his men driven off or killed.

She tells them that any weapons from the marauders will be left to the town for its defense. In return, she asks the town for and is granted supplies (fresh food, bandages and other consumables) and permission to tie up the tug along shore for a night or two to undergo repairs.

16:00 Lima

Uller, as acting captain calls the crew and unit back to the tug for a meeting. He expresses his desire to continue down river as acting captain, but Roszkowski and Grezch refuse to go anywhere until Adam's fate is known.

16:30 Lima

Schaefer comes up from the galley after operating on Adam all afternoon. He says that he had to amputate Adam's left arm above the elbow and that Adam is in stable but critical condition and doesn't recommend travel for at least 24 hours. The crew and unit disperses, some heading back into town, some staying on the tug to start repairs and maintenance.