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Order of Events


6 October 2000

08:00 Lima

The Unit breaks camp and heads towards Dobrodzien. On their way across the open countryside surrounding the village, they see some armored vehicles race out of the town to intercept them.

Pulling to a stop, God recognizes the armor as American light armor, a LAV-25 and a LAV-75. He waves a white flag and after a brief radio conversation, the armor pulls in to escort the Frog into Dobrodzien where they will meet Captain Molly.

08:30 Lima

The Unit is escorted under guard by soldiers dressed in U.S. Ranger uniforms into a walled fortress at the center of town.

They are introduced to Master Sergeant Agrim who leads the unit into a small office where they are met by a rather cold and distant woman who introduces herself as Captain Molly Warren.

Captain Molly pumps the Unit for information about their actions since July 19th and in turn gives them the lowdown on Silesia. Apparently there are two forces in the area struggling for control of what historically is the industrial center of Poland. On one side is the Markiz Slaskie, the Markgraf of Silesia, Julian Filipowicz an officer in the Polish 14th Motorized Rifle Division.

In April of 2000, the 14th MRD was ordered to move from their current operation, marauder suppression, and was told to move against NATO troops concentrating on the Baltic coast (This would be the beginning of Operation Archangel, the final NATO thrust into central Poland and would ultimately lead to the destruction of the U.S. 5th Infantry Division). Colonel Filipowicz ignored the order and instead turned the Polish 14th MRD and local ORMO units into the Wojsko Silesia, the Army of Silesia and occupied the area as the Markiz of Silesia.

On the other side is the Soviet 129th Motorized Rifle Division, an active Pact force still operating under orders from Lublin.

Molly explains that the 129th and the Wojsko Silesia are actively engaged along the frontier loosely defined as the Opole-Strzelce Opolskie- Pyskowice Road and on through the forest eastwards to near Zyrardow.

10:00 Lima

As the briefing winds down, Red asks if Molly knows the whereabouts of his brother, Captain Benjamin Miller an Air Force Pilot shot down in the area several years back. Molly responds that she has no one but Rangers in her command, but the Markiz has been capturing Americans straggling through the area and pumping them for information regarding the Battle of Czestochowa and the Black Madonna. At this point is is unknown how many prisoners the Markiz has. She says that if Benjamin is in the area, odds are that the Markiz has him.

11:00 Lima

After the meeting, the Unit heads back to the Frog with MSgt Agrim to figure out their next move. After some deliberation, they decide to send an envoy to the Markiz to negotiate for the release of his POWs. In exchange for the prisoners, God will offer up the Black Madonna.

Wasting very little time, God, Phoenix and Kate, accompanied by Agrim, commandeer a 5-ton truck and head south towards the frontier with the intent of setting up a meet to exchange for the prisoners.

13:00 Lima

With Kate driving, the four head south along the Dobrodzien-Pyskowice Road and, in the forest east of Opole come across a roadblock, a standoff between the Army of Silesia and the 129th. Kate decides to gun it, and almost immediately the truck is engulfed in small arms fire from the woods on either side of the forest.

In an attempt to avoid the incoming fire Kate swerves the truck across the road and accidentally veers into the ditch to the side of the road, but she manages to recover and get the truck back on the road, dodging an RPG rocket that streaks across the hood of the truck to slam into the forest on the far side.

In the back, Agrim launches some grenades from his M203 into the woods, hoping to suppress the incoming fire.

God, working to bandage up Kate as she drives is also hit in the chest by an AK burst that shatters the windshield, but his Kevlar absorbs most of the punishment. Phoenix returns fire with a grenade from his M203 launcher.

Kate, seeing a roadblock of fallen logs obstructing the road, drives the truck full throttle off the road to avoid getting stopped at the roadblock. Another RPG streaks from the forest, this time tearing through the fabric of the rear cargo area, filling it with acrid smoke and setting it on fire. Agrim immediately sets to work cutting the heavy canvas from the frame to avoid further fire damage to the truck.

Kate brings the truck around the roadblock, as soldiers from the Army of Silesia open fire on the truck. As she brings the truck through the woods and around the roadblock, a burst of AK fire penetrates her door and hits her in the side, piercing her Kevlar.

13:15 Lima

Kate drives the truck down the road out of gun range from the roadblock and then pulls over. Agrim shows a white flag and troops from the Army of Silesia advance with guns leveled.

Kate calls out that they wish to speak with the Margkraf about something of "vital interest to the future" of the Margravate. After a moment of tense diplomacy, she manages to convince the group of men to escort them to Raciborz.

17:00 Lima

Under guard and still wounded, the four of them are brought into a long hall in Raciborz where they are disarmed and then given an audience with Julian Filipowicz and his wife Marja, where they negotiate the release of his prisoners in exchange for the Black Madonna.

17:30 Lima

Julian proposes a meet on the road just west of the town of Zyrardow on October 9, where, in exchange for the Black Madonna he will release the prisoners. God also inquires if Red's brother Benjamin Miller is with the prisoners and the Markiz merely says that if he is, he will be among the prisoners returned.

21:00 Lima

God, Phoenix, Kate and Agrim are escorted back to the Frontier, but God elects to skirt the frontier by heading east towards the town of Zyrardow, to warn them about the upcoming meet.

23:00 Lima

The four soldiers finally return to Dobrodzien nearing the point of collapse. The rest of the Unit gears up with Molly to prepare for the meet, providing armor, heavy transports and fuel.