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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

14 October 2000

00:00 Lima

The Ranger scouts report in from the road, stating that a "large force" of troops are massing at the road where the convoy turned off into the forest. They report that it consists of forces from the Soviet 39th Guards Motorized Rifle Division and the Soviet 131st Motorized Rifle Division.

The Soviet soldiers are dismounting from heavy trucks and are moving on foot in a skirmish line on wither side of the forest, flanking the path of foliage knocked down and torn up by the convoy's passage.

The Rangers report that they are trailing the force by 50 meters behind

MSgt. Agrim rouses the troops and the M113 mortar carriers deploy their 120mm mortars to establish firing points in the forest. The rest of the Rangers deploy, preparing whatever hardened firing positions they can.

01:00 Lima

Captain Molly orders a mortar barrage on where her scouts estimate where the troops are. She continues the barrage for the next 15 minutes, receiving correcting fire from her Ranger scouts.

02:00 Lima

The Soviet troops attack the camp, which has been forewarned by Captain Molly's scouts.

Lieutenant Brass leads the armor in blazing into the tree line with incendiary and HE autocannon fire, inflicting heavy casualties. The Soviets respond with an RPG barrage of their own and one RPG strikes the Frog, killing Brass instantly and incinerating his collection of dog tags of fallen comrades-in-arms.

The rest of the Rangers engage and repel the attack, flattening parts of the surrounding forest in the process.

06:00 Lima

The mechanics report that the vehicles are all converted back to alcohol. After evaluating the fuel situation, Captain Molly and the Unit decide to abandon their heavy trucks, since their fuel cargo has been consumed and combat losses have left no need for extra troop transports.

The convoy saddles up and continues their westward movement towards the frontier through the woods towards the Oder River.

08:30 Lima

The convoy reaches the Oder River and Molly dispatches some Rangers to scout downriver for a ford.

10:00 Lima

Rangers heading north reach Gubin and spend some time scouting the city. They quickly see that the town is held by the Soviet 132nd Cavalry Division who will be wintering there.

12:00 Lima

The scouts return and Molly decides to head south along the river to continue their search for a ford.

14:00 Lima

The convoy heads south along the river until it gets within a few kilometers of Berg Muskam, where Molly again deploys Ranger scouts to get a lay of the land. The rest of the convoy dismounts and catnaps.

17:00 Lima

The scouts return and indicate that there is an intact bridge at Berg Muskam, but it is held by troops with uniforms indicating that they are from the Soviet 103rd Motorized Rifle Division. Gambling, Molly decides to punch through the frontier at the bridge before the Convoy is delayed distilling fuel.

B-Troop and the Unit rack out for the afternoon and evening, resting up for a night assault.

The plan is to send scouts ahead to get into position and make the initial contact with whatever pickets may be out, and then the armor and the rest of the convoy will advance up the road and over the bridge.

20:30 Lima

The scouts, plus God, Red and Phoenix depart with some heavy weapons through the forest.

22:00 Lima

The scouts cross the Oder River into Germany and slip up to the bridge. They can see that there is a sandbagged complex built around a toll plaza on the far side of the bridge with several AFVs.

22:30 Lima

After radioing back to the convoy to move out, they give God and two Rangers a chance to move behind the complex and perhaps inflict more damage from the rear. The scouts then attack with a barrage of antiarmor rockets and heavy machine gun fire, scoring hits across the front of the compound.

God and the two Rangers move through the back of the compound, killing soldiers and disabling or destroying some vehicles with grenades.

The soldiers manage to return fire scoring hits among the scouts and killing Red with a salvo of autocannon fire.

The Convoy roars up the road and into the action, and the troops of the 103rd, with no remaining armor or heavy weapons to mount a defense are routed into the woods.

22:45 Lima

Molly orders a quick sweep of the compound for readily transportable supplies and fuel and the Convoy enters Germany, heading south towards Bautzen.