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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

1 September 2000

08:00 Lima

Uller sounds the steam whistle and takes the tug out into the river.

The tug steams past many side rivers and Uller manages to avoid all the flotsam collecting in the area.

11:00 Lima

The tug approaches the Annopol bridge. Again, Uller steers the tug so that it is backpedaling against the current, so that the crew can observe its location. From the crow's nest, God sees that there is a garrison of about two dozen men on the bridge manning three heavy machine-gun nests and standing post on the bridge itself. He also sees that they are led by a man in a Soviet Army uniform who is observing the tugs approach through binoculars.

God slips off of the stern of the tug and swims unobserved to shore, where his makes a stealthy approach to within sniping range of the bridge.

11:15 Lima

Uller brings the tug towards the bridge where the soldier in uniform signals for him to pull over and prepare to be boarded and inspected. As Uller approaches the shoreline, a squad is dispatched from the bridge to greet the tug.

God opens fire with the Hand at the soldier, dropping him. He then switches fire to the crew of one of the machine gun nests, dropping more. A barrage of grenades from Phoenix, Schaefer and Kate finish off the rest in due order.

11:30 Lima

As Uller steers the tug ashore to pick up God, he again loses control of the tug and runs into the shore, driving the barge high upon it.

16:00 Lima

Numerous efforts to free up the barge finally succeed, but the efforts have stirred up the silt off of the river bottom which collects in the engine intakes. The steam engine rapidly overheats and Jozef Grzech shuts them down to prevent further damage. He begins the arduous task of emptying out and flushing the intakes.