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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

2 August 2000

8:00 Lima

Over breakfast, the unit confronts R.P. Bones about the Reset Papers. Bones gives the unit until the radio call to Col. Stark of the DIA at 18:00 to try to find some way to copy the papers. At 18:00 he will call Stark, reporting that the Unit has recovered the Papers and will turn them over to the DIA at that time.

9:00 Lima

God and Joker enter the Old Town looking for a motorcycle with a sidecar to buy to use in carrying the Reset Papers around town. They meet a seller of motorcycles who agrees to take his flatbed truck of motorcycles back to the warehouse to swap a motorcycle for some spare HMMWV parts.

11:00 Lima

Joker give the merchant both barrels of his sawed-off in the back when the merchant starts to dicker about over the price over the motorcycles. God and Rand decide to offer the truck full of motorcycles to "the Boss" in hopes of letting them use his counterfeiting equipment to make copies of the Reset Papers.

The Unit piles into the flatbed truck and the Jalopy and drive to a shipping office in the outskirts of the Warsawskie district where the meet Koko, the Boss' henchman. He agrees to take the truck and four motorcycles in exchange for making one set of duplicates of the Reset Papers.

18:00 Lima

R.P. Bones delivers the original set of the Reset Papers plus the prototype to Col. Stark of the DIA.

18:30 Lima

Rand, God and Joker contact Tanya in the Na Zdorowa and arrange to sell the duplicates. The unit is followed from the bar back to their warehouse by a squad of KGB mercenaries who are on the lookout for Americans.

Sergeant Robert Brass enters Krakow and, while driving along Senatorska Street, is ambushed by the KGB mercenaries, destroying his motorcycle.

The unit hears the gunfight and rushes to the rescue. God drops the hammer on several and Sgt. Brass kills the rest with a well-thrown grenade. Sgt. Brass, it turns out, is another survivor of Kalisz and is an infantryman from the 5th Division, hailing from Corpus Christi, Texas.