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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

24 July 2000

09:00 Lima

After cleaning up the wreckage and disposing the bodies, God, Joker & Beefheart enter the Old City to check out the scene and look for Medical supplies, but there's none to be had in the city at this time. Beefheart finds a bar called the "Na Zdorowa" on the south side of the plaza and proceeds to get blasted with some tankers of the City ORMO.

God and Joker are introduced to R.P.Bones (Special Forces), Gunnar Bjorsten (GSG-9) and John Phoenix (DELTA) who are currently operatives for the DIA presence in Krakow. Bones takes them back to his second floor flat and introduces them to Lt. Schaefer, a survivor of the Strike Force Zulu ambush (arranged by one Sgt. Cutler - an American marauder posing as a soldier cut off from his unit) outside of Krakow and charged with the recovery of the Operation Reset prototype and papers stolen from the University of Lodz one week ago (July 18 - the same night as the 5th Division was destroyed).

God treats Schaefer who remains in critical condition, and agrees to help. Joker agrees as well, under the provision that he won't be killing Americans. Beefheart stays out the night with his new friends. God and Joker return to the warehouse, after arranging for the sale of some Gasoline to Gunnar. Rand has spent the day working on the BMP-B.