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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

25 August 2000

00:00 Lima

The four arrive near the outskirts of town and shut off the motorcycle lest someone hear the noise. God and Phoenix scouts ahead towards the center of town while Brass pushes the motorcycle closer and Joker provides "rear security".

01:00 Lima

God and Phoenix reach the town square and sees a large bonfire built in front of the Mayor's house in the street. Standing watch out front are seven marauders carrying AK-74s and AKRs. God injects his leg with painkillers to deaden the pain from his previous wound and sneaks around back, looking for a rear entrance into the mansion, while Phoenix waits for Brass and Joker to arrive.

01:30 Lima

God enters the rear of the house and eliminates three guards with his silenced MP5. Brass, Phoenix and Joker open fire on the guards out front, who return fire. In a murderous onslaught, six marauders are killed with concentrated M-16 fire and 40mm grenades, but one escapes into the house, waking some others. God runs upstairs and kills two more guards standing guard in front of a door. God bursts through the door into a bedroom where he finds the Mayor, his wife and two young daughters chained to a large bed and an open window.

Outside, Joker spots a marauder climbing out the window and down the pillar and opens fire, but misses. The marauder runs back into the house, pursued by Brass into the landing where he is fired upon buy the remaining marauders. Joker and Brass return fire, killing them with grenades.

God frees the Mayor and his family, discovering the Mayor is quite insane. The mayor knights him as a faithful vassal with a fire poker and runs excitedly through the house looking for more liberators to knight. A brief conversation with the Mayor's wife, Elena, determines her to be quite an intelligent woman who had been running this town in her husband's name for several months now, until the arrival of the marauders.

Thinking quickly, God rushes down the stairs after the Mayor and executes him with a bust to the back of the head. He then opens fire on a corpse of a marauder, shouting loudly about "finishing off a wounded one." And then cries out that the Mayor has been killed by a marauder.

02:00 Lima

Nearby townsfolk enter the square to investigate and find the Elena and her two daughters safe and free of the marauders. A shoemaker invites the Unit and the Mayor's family into his house for some tea and borscht, but as the news of the liberation spreads, it turns into an impromptu block party.

Phoenix radios a sitrep back to the tug, and some townsfolk ride a cart out to the tug to pick up Zygmunt. God and Phoenix pump people for information about the river and learns that the southern shore of the river near Uscie Solne is infested with bandits and marauders following rumors of "hidden fuel reserves" in the ruins of the old oil fields. God also learns that the bridge at Szczucin has partially collapsed, blocking the river. Brass is told to avoid the town of Nowy Korczyn as there's a plague epidemic there.

Joker gets drunk on cheap homebrewed vodka.

08:00 Lima

The Unit returns to the tug and Adam decides to heave to for the day to let the unit sleep. The rest of the day is spent tending the boiler and performing preventative maintenance. Brass begins instructing Uller in how to use a heavy machine-gun. Kate tends to Joker's hangover.