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Cast of Characters



God - Operator from the Navy's Seal Team Eight. A sniper who favors a .50 caliber sniper rifle called "the Hand", his background information is found here.

God is the solve survivor of the original group to escape the disaster that befel the 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) at Kalisz.



Kathrine "Kate" Lockwood - (1st Leutenant, 1-5 Infantry) Intelligence Analyst assigned to 5th Division's S-2 unit. Fled Kalisz on foot with two others but was ambushed just outside of Krakow by "opportunists" working for the KGB.


John Phoenix - (DELTA Operator) An excellent linguist, he worked for R.P.Bones as a DIA mercenary until hooking up with God and Joker in Krakow.


R.P.Bones - (Special Forces Operator) DIA Liaison for Strike Zulu in Krakow, now works for Col. Richard Stark.




Colonel Richard Stark - (Defense Intelligence Agency) Section head of DIA operations in Krakow.



Dr. Soames - (Civilian) English expatriot relocated to Poland before the war began. Now has his own practice, but works for NATO forces and Stark when necessary.

Pictured here with an unidentified NATO unit, summer 2000.


Photo not available


 "the Hungarian Gunner" - Teenage Pole from Zyardow. Acted as loader for the M60A4 for the one engagement against the marauders.



Henryk Hallecki - Proprietor of the bar "Na Zdorowa" in Krakow.

"Old Adam" Rataj - River pilot and captain of the Vistula Krolowa.


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Karl Uller - A German refugee who serves as Chief Mate on board the Wisla Krolowa.

Karl was killed in the Battle for Warsaw as a traitor who led some of the Baron's troops against the East Wall of Sielce.


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Josef Grzyech - A surly Pole and a genius with machinery. He spends most of his time in the engine room of the Krolowa, surfacing only when Adam calls a ship meeting or to eat.


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Walter Matusiak - A sullen man and a loner, Walter does very little when not working as a deck hand except for sulk at the back of the tug and complain. He is avoided by everyone else on board.

Walter was killed during the Battle for Warsaw as a traitor after shooting and killing Fredryk Elsner on the East Wall during the battle.



Piotr Rotmistrov - (1st Leutenant) A Ukranian spetsnaz intelligence operator seperated from his unit and far from his homeland.

He wandered into Warsaw looking for a place to escape the war and find a safe haven for the winter.

Rotmistrov played a part in the Battle for Warsaw against the Black Baron and decided to remain in the Community of Sielce after his overthrow.

Captain Beefheart - (Captain, 1-40 Armored) Tank Commander of the M60A4 "Whole Can of Whoop Ass (with a Commie-be-good stick)" Affinity for country music played over loud speakers as he enters battle. Fat and greasy, sports a WWII vintage Nazi helmet complete with silver spike on top.

(Shown here on the left with unidentified friend early spring 2000.)


Sanders - (Sergeant Major - Cavalry Scout, 1-40 Armored) Over twenty years in active duty, Sanders is a veteran of the Gulf war in addition to the many brush wars precluding the Current Conflict. With over four years in combat during the current exchange, Sanders suffers from acute PTSD and is quite certifiable, but an excellent shot with the main gun of the M60A4.


"Red" - (Sergeant, 4-12 Cavalry) A U.S. Army Ranger born and Raised in Mendocino, CA. Red was killed in action 14 October, 2000 on the Western Front while assaulting a fortified bridge at Berg Muskem on the Poland-Germany border.

Red's background information can be found here.

R.J. Brass - (1st Leutenant, 2-10 Infantry) An American from Corpus Christi, Texas. Rather dull-witted, but quite loyal and still a soldier's soldier. First Leutenant Brass was killed in action on 14 October 2000 in a forest east of Berg Muskem on the Poland-Germany border.

Brass' background information can be found here.

Joker - (1st Lieutenant, 1-40 Armored) A Comanche Indian from Colorado, now the driver of the BMP-C. Quiet and a decent outdoorsman from living on his father's ranch.

Joker was killed in an attack by the forces of the Black Baron in Warsaw, September 2000.

Mike Schaefer - (1st Leutenant, Strike Force Zulu) A medic for the ill-fated Strike Force Zulu, Schaefer was severely wounded in the ambush, but was nursed back to health by God. Originally from Ludington, MI.

Lt. Schaefer was killed during an ambush of the Black Baron's ammo convoy just outside of Warsaw, September, 2000.

Photo not available

Tadeuz "Tad" Roszkowski - An older, barrel-chested deckhand with a penchant for home-brewed ethanol. He speaks very little english but is a very amiable sort.

Tad was killed during the sinking of the Visla Krolowa, when a 155mm Howitzer shell impacted on the rear deck of the tug.


Trip - (1st Lieutenant, 1-40 Armored) Youthful Californian with a penchant for black market drugs. Served as loader on the M60A4 until he was killed during the destruction of the US 5th Division.

(Shown here somewhere on the Baltic Coast early 1999.)


Rand V. Daniels - (1st Lieutenant - Special Forces) Separated from his unit in early 1999, originally the driver of the M60A4, now occupies the commander position of the BMP-B "the Jalopy". Favors a PK Machinegun.

Lt. Daniels was killed 10 August 2000 in an assault on the Najezdzcie Warsawskia.





Gunnar Bjorsten - An operator from the Federal Border Guard, Grenzschutzgruppe-9, was also working for Col. Richard Stark until he was killed in a rocket attack in Krakow.