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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

15 October 2000

00:30 Lima

The Convoy overtakes a merchant caravan camped near the side of the road. After exchanging pleasantries, the merchants tell the Convoy that Bautzen is occupied by the Soviet 21st Guards Motorized Rifle Division and that the forest to the north and the region surrounding Cottbus is patrolled by the 103rd.

For a generous payment of some heavy weapons and ammo stripped from the 103rd, the merchants tell Molly about a ford across the Spree River that should allow the Convoy to slip between the two forces and deeper into Germany.


The convoy leaves the road, following the direction given by the Merchants, find the ford and cross the Spree River.

Molly orders the Convy west through the forest, travelling off- road south of Hoverswarda and Konigsbruck.

07:00 Lima

After hours of jarring off-road travel, the Convoy finally rolls into Meissen, an unoccupied town on the Elbe River.

Molly orders the Convoy through the town and over the river to halt for some badly needed rest on the outskirts of town.

13:00 Lima

The Convoy breaks camp and moves north to the Riesa-Rochlitz Road and heads to Altenburg.

17:00 Lima

Running practically on vapors, the Convoy rolls into Altenberg and is stopped by the 211th German Panzergrenadier Division.

After some discussion with the 211th's CO, Molly agrees to turn over her armored vehicles in exchange for escort to the US VII Corps HQ, which includes the 36th US Mechanized Division, the 1st US Mechanized Division and the 2nd US Armored Cavalry Regiment. All told, it is a force of about 10,000 US Troops with over 70 AFVs and a solid escort to Bremerhaven. VII US Corps are currently in transit between Göttingen and Hildesheim, en route to Bremerhaven.