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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

31 August 2000

08:00 Lima

Uller sounds the steam whistle and pulls into the river northwards towards Tarnobrzeg, which had been overrun and burned to the ground some time ago.

11:00 Lima

The unit sails past the ruined city of Tarnobrzeg as a thick fog settles onto the river.

13:00 Lima

At the unit approaches Sandomierz, they hear the sounds of a pitched battle at the Sandomierz Bridge. At the Vustula Queen approaches within a kilometer, they can see a battle underway between what looks like two groups of the Soviet 38th Tank Division. Uller cuts power and allows the Vistula Queen to flow with the current as the crew tries to figure out what is going on.

After some deliberation and observation, the crew decides that there is a marauder band attacking the bridge ORMO from the eastern shore with small arms, grenades and a small mortar of some kind. As they approach the bridge, Joker opens up on massed troops with Bad Billy, the Rapira-3 gun, while phoenix Kate and Schaefer launch 40mm grenades at the shoreline.

The mortar shifts fire towards the tug, missing several times, but eventually scoring a direct hit against Kate in the BMP in the barge, but is unable to penetrate its armor.

Those on the tug and on the bridge continue to return fire and soon the marauder assault withers under the concentrated fire.

13:15 Lima

Kate gets on the loudhailer and broadcasts to the ORMO that they have permission from Noz to pass under the bridge unmolested. As the tug nears the bridge, Uller loses control of the tug momentarily in an unknown current and bashes the barge into one of the massive supports of the bridge, damaging the bow of the barge, but it remains seaworthy.

17:00 Lima

Uller takes the tug as far as the San River before parking the tug for the night.