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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

24 August 2000

05:30 Lima

Adam sounds the steam whistle, rousing the crew to prepare for getting underway. He informs the Unit of navigation hazards on the river, and gives them a brief introductory couse in the operation of the tug.

08:00 Lima

The Vistula Queen pulls into the river and gets underway. Uller climbs up to the crows nest and has a conversation with God about loyalty.

12:00 Lima

As the Vistula Queen approaches the shores near Niepolomice, God and Uller spot three figures scrambling down the slope to the river's edge. Three men on horseback appear behind them at the top of the slope and open fire on the three men who collapse into the river.

God returns fire, dropping one of the horsemen and Phoenix fires a burst from his M-16, dropping another, and the third one flees back out of sight.

One of the men in the river is alive but badly wounded, so Schaefer pulls him from the river and goes to work on him in the tug's galley.

16:00 Lima

After Schaefer completes his surgery, the man is left to rest. Adam decides to anchor the tug in the river until the man regains consciousness.

20:00 Lima

The man regains consciousness from his surgery. His name is Zygmunt Nycz and he is from the village of Niepolomice. He was fleeing the town to head for Krakow looking for people to help his village with their problem. Zygmunt tells the Unit and Adam that his village has been occupied by twelve marauders who, judging from the remnants of their uniforms, have deserted from the Soviet Army. They are holed up in the Mayor's house where they keep him and his family hostage.

Zygmunt asks the unit for help and Adam exhorts the Unit to help him.

After some tactical discussion, it is decided that God, Joker, Brass and Phoenix will approach the town using the motorcycle to reconnoiter the place.