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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

15 September 2000

16:30 Lima

Through more rain showers, lookouts of Group North on the walls spot an envoy of the Baron's troops approaching under a white flag. God and Joker approach a strongpoint on the rubble wall with some of Pawel Rataj's men. Pawel is Old Adam's Son-in-law and commander of Group North. God and Joker hear single AK-74 shots and answering shots in the rubble flanking the envoy's approach, but decide to hear what they have to say.

17:00 Lima

The envoy approaches with an offer for Filip to make the community of Sielce a vassal of the Barony. Pawel rejects their offer, and the envoy withdraws back down the road into the rubble. At this point, fearing a howitzer attack, some of the men in the strongpoint, including God and Joker bail out over the walls just as some of the Baron's men hidden in the rubble open fire with automatic weapons. God is stitched in the side and collapses at the base of the wall and is dragged to safety by Pawel's men. Joker is hit by several blasts from an automatic weapon and is killed, having never found out if his family or Las Vegas survived.

The Baron's forces assault the walls of Group North and do some damage to the wall and strongpoints before withdrawing.

God is operated on by a veterinarian and is stabilized. Kate and Phoenix bury Joker at the foot of the wall.

16 September 2000

07:30 Lima

God awakens from surgery and, still seriously wounded, takes part in a war council with Filip and the rest of his Group Leaders.

09:00 Lima

The community of Powisle sends an envoy to Sielce, seeking an alliance against the Baron. This this envoy is an American from the 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) who has been hiding in Powisle since the breakup of the 5th in mid-July. He has been teaching his Ranger skills to the community and has helped them wage a guerrilla war against any troops loyal to the Baron who are foolish enough to enter the ruins to the east of Srodmiescle.

13:00 Lima

Lt. Veliki and Lt. Havlik from the 10th Soviet Guards Tank Division are challenged by Group West at the wall. They are messengers from General Koronev who state that the 10th Soviet GTD has defected and is moving through the area with an intent to link up with pro-NATO forces in the Balkans. The Division is currently camped to the west of Warsaw near the town of Zakroczym. They state that the General wishes to winter in the area and the Baron poses a threat to his troops and therefore must be eliminated.