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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

20 August 2000

08:00 Lima

A patrol of ORMO arrive, led by a KGB officer who begins to harangue the two guards about Koko's whereabouts, while God watches the exchange from the rear deck of the Bimp, with Kate and Joker still inside.

One of the ORMO troops sees God standing near the BMP-C and asks in an offhand way if he is American. God, forgetting the bounty on American troops offered by the KGB, says yes, causing the squad of ORMO to go for their weapons.

Seeing this reaction, God goes for his own MP-5 and opens fire on the squad, wounding two, and causing them to scatter towards the warehouse, but their return fire manages to hit God several times in the leg, and he drops unconscious, bleeding from the thigh.

Koko's guards open fire on the ORMO squad who return fire. Kate and Joker fling open the rear doors of the APC and open fire with personal weapons, Kate with her M-16, killing two and Joker with his HK-CAW automatic shotgun, killing three. The rest of the ORMO troopers flee around the Bimp, seeking cover.

Joker tosses a frag grenade around the side of the Bimp, which kills the ORMO troopers, the KGB captain and Koko's two guards.

Kate rushes to the front of the Bimp as Koko's car arrives, trying to fend off disaster as Joker rushes to God's aid, applying a tourniquet to his wounded leg.

After several intense minutes of enplaning in heated Polish, Kate explains the situation and gets Koko to fetch a doctor for God. The doctor turns out to be the same squirrely man who helped copy the Reset papers two weeks ago. The doctor operates on God's leg and manages to stabilize him, but he remains unconscious.

09:00 Lima

Joker and Kate call Brass with their list of arms and armor for the Tug and barter with Koko for the worth of the BMP-C. They agree on selling the Bimp for the cost of the doctor and supplies and restitution for the two guards as well as two KPV machine-guns, ammo for Bad Billy (the 125mm Rapira-3 gun), rockets for the remaining BMP-C, ammunition for personal weapons, sandbags and sheet steel for armoring up the tug itself.

Joker and Kate spend the rest of the day as Koko's guest while they wait for God to regain consciousness.

Phoenix, Brass and Schaefer spend their time getting to know the crew of the tug and learning its operation.

21:00 Lima

God regains consciousness but remains bedridden for several days.