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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

30 August 2000

08:00 Lima

After a night in town, the Unit discovers more about what lies down river by talking to some locals. The town of Sandomierz has been occupied by a marauder by the name of Nos and his band formed from a remnant of the Soviet 38th Tank Division. There is an intact bridge over the Vistula that is guarded and controlled by these marauders, who extract a toll on all traffic crossing the bridge and passing under the bridge.

The town of Tarnobrzeg has been abandoned and burned, however the area is infested with 38th TD marauders from both Krol and Noz with shots fired and skirmishes between the rivals being the norm for the area. No one seems to know why Noz or the now-diceased Krol keep sending patrols into that area, however.

09:00 Lima

It is decided that Joker, God and Phoenix will borrow a car from the townsfolk to do some scouting down river and gather a bit of firsthand intelligence about Sandomierz.

09:30 Lima

In a battered but serviceable alcohol-powered Syreny, the three drive north along the Tarnobrzeg-Sandomierz road.

10:30 Lima

During a pit stop in a shot up rest area just outside the outskirts of Tarnobrzeg, Joker discovers the skeletons of four civilians behind a log in a defensive position against the road. The bodies had been stripped of anything useful.

11:00 Lima

The trio overtakes a heavily armed convoy of horse-drawn carts loaded with timber heading south. Phoenix hails the group and discover that they are merchants planning on selling their timber in Sandomierz for gunpowder that they plan on selling in Krakow for a decent sum. Apparently, Noz runs a pretty tight ship and his marauder band has become the core of an ad-hoc ORMO force that protects the locals, who are allowed to run things pretty much business as usual. Visitors to Sandomierz must be accepted by the town council and apply for a visitors pass.

12:00 Lima

The trip arrive at a checkpoint at the Sandomierz Bridge. They are flagged to a stop and a sandbagged emplacement and told that their auto must stay in an impound yard for the duration if their visit. The trio consents and are escorted across the bridge and into town where they are taken to the town hall where they meet a minor bureaucrat who is responsible for issuing papers.

God explains to the man that he needs to speak with Noz about the "marauder problem" upriver. After some cajoling the man agrees to take them to the castle on the outskirts of town that serves as a barracks, prison and headquarters for Noz.

Noz meets with the trio and after some discussion agrees to let the tug pass unmolested in exchange for Krol's demise. The trio thanks him and leaves, returning to their car on the outskirts of town and driving back through the ruins of Tarnobrzeg and back to Baranow Sandomierski.

18:00 Lima

The trio returns to Baranow Sandomierski to find the rest of the crew hard at work, patching and painting the pilothouse and fore structure to repair the machine-gun damage and loading consumables delivered from the townsfolk.

20:30 Lima

Adam becomes semiconscious and is in a great deal of pain. He indicates that Uller is to be acting captain as long as he continues down river and northwards to Warsaw to rescue his family.