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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

4 September 2000

08:00 Lima

The crew packs up camp and sets sail down river.

12:00 Lima

The tug sails through the Bagno Maciejowice and encounters four men in a rowboat who ask for food and supplies. Adam orders some of the fresh foodstuff from Baranow Sandomierski be given to them. In exchange, they give some information about some river pirates that are terrorizing the area between Warsaw and Wilga.

18:00 Lima

The tug travels to Maciejowice and heaves to for the evening. The group decides to do some reconnaissance down river and decides to unload the BMP (rechristned "the Frog" by Sgt. Brass).

18:15 Lima

As the crew unloads the Frog, God suits up in an old wetsuit and some SCUBA gear that Grzyech keeps for repairing damage to the screws below the waterline. He grabs a piece of driftwood and begins to float down the river with the current, planning to act as a forward scout.

20:00 Lima

Brass and Phoenix drive the Frog into a position along the river, approximately 2km south of Wilga. God continues to float down river.