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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events
22 September 2000

06:00 Lima

Red wakes early and wanders out into the rubble, looking for a mount that may have escaped the carnage unharmed.

The rest of the day is spent tending to their gear and wounds and talking about whether or not to go back into central Poland to perhaps find out more about Red's brother or to continue down the Vistula river to the coast, to perhaps link up with pro-US forces in Germany.

18:00 Lima

Red captures two stray mounts and returns with them to camp. He leaves them with a young boy who will act as a stable hand for them.

23 September 2000

10:00 Lima

After discussing their options, the unit decides to return to central Poland to look for Red's brother, hoping to link up with Captain Warren's troops at Olesno to gather more information. Peotr takes his leave of the Unit, saying that he has finally found the peace for which he has been searching here in the community among the ruins. Wishing the Unit good luck, he disappears into the community.

12:00 Lima

The Unit takes stock of their supply situation and starts to make arrangements for food, fuel and ammunition to safely take them to Olesno.

24 September 2000

The Unit spends the day arranging for the delivery of supplies and provisions. Asking around, they also discover a man who makes his living with his group of men scrounging in the rubble for usable items. He has a Tracked Vehicle Tool kit that he would be willing to part with for an exorbitant amount of money to replace the toolkit that has somehow become lost out of the Frog sometime since Krakow.

25 September 2000

12:00 Lima

Kate takes the money that the unit has managed to scrape together and says that she'll "negotiate" with the Merchant to lower the price for the tools. She leaves the camp alone, against the better judgment of Phoenix and Brass.