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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

7 September 2000

08:00 Lima

God, Brass Joker and Tadeuz travel on the scouts' boats back to the Floating City and meet with the Komodor who thanks them for destroying the pirate fleet. In exchange, he provides the tug with some fresh food as well as sending a party of mechanics and strongbacks with tools to fix the Frog's thrown track.

12:00 Lima

With work underway on the Frog and the Tug, Adam, anxious for news about his family, decides to head to Warsaw on foot, leaving Uller in charge of the repairs. Phoenix, Brass, Joker and God decide to escort Adam and Walter to Warsaw, leaving Schaefer to mind area security and to tend to Kate. Peotr and Oleg also decide to enter Warsaw, hoping to meet with the leaders of the communities to establish trade and swap information.

17:00 Lima

On foot, the group walks the remaining 20 clicks to the outskirts of Warsaw through the blasted fireplain, walking in a fine mist. There are low shrubs and wild grasses on the ground, but the blackened trees and blasted buildings stand as relics of the nuclear blasts that destroyed the city in the fall of 1997.

The unit enters the rubble with God scouting two hundred meters in front with Brass, Phoenix and Joker escorting Peotr, Oleg, Adam and Matusiak.

Peotr points out a tall, blocky building in the center of the rubble, viewable even at this distance by the naked eye and says that that is the Palac Kultury ("the Palace of Culture") where the Baron makes his stronghold.

17:30 Lima

The unit approaches the settlement of Praga and sees many armed men standing watch in the streets. Deciding that this must be a community under the Baron's sway, the group decides to skirt this and any other settlements they come across.

20:00 Lima

After crossing the Warsaw-Radzymin road the unit skirts the heavy ruins around Kamionek and manages to cross the bridge to the wasteland of Siekierki.

20:30 Lima

While on point, in the fading light, God blunders into a small camp of six men, three eating near a small cooking fire, one prone behind a sniper rifle facing north, one working a radio, and one standing with binoculars trained north. God steps forward and says, on a hunch, "I'm an enemy of the Baron." Seeing the men scramble for their weapons, he figures they are probably scouts for the Baron and ducks behind the corner of a building and into the deeper rubble along the river avoiding a hail of gunfire.

He radios back the the rest saying that he's in contact, but realizes that, being 200 meters behind, it will take them quite some time to climb through the rubble to get here. He runs and dodges into the rubble, tossing a grenade behind him with bullets ricocheting off of the concrete rubble around him.

He crawls into some deep rubble and hides as the grenade goes off, killing several men. He takes the opportunity to unsling the Hand and subsequently drops the hammer on the remaining three after a cat-and-mouse game ensues.

20:33 Lima

The rest of the group arrives, and sees God appropriating a nearly mint Dragunov SVD sniper rifle from the man who will no longer be needing it.

21:00 Lima

The group enters the community of Sielce and are challenged by sentries on duty there. Adam introduces himself, Walter and the Unit and are greeted by Fredryk Elsner and members of his Group South who welcomes them to Sielce. With a cry, Walter charges Fredryk and punches him in the jaw, knocking him down. The two men are pulled apart, and Walter runs off into the evening.

Fredryk picks himself up and Joker explains to Brass about Fredryk marrying Walter's ex-fiance and the bad blood that Walter has been harboring since.

21:15 Lima

The group is escorted through the dark rubble and farmlands to the old amphitheater that is currently being used to house 800 or so civilians and noncombatants in a rough shanty town.

21:30 Lima

Members of Adam's family arrive over the next several hours as news of his arrival spreads through the community. Adam's nephew Filip Kizysztof arrives with the rest of his family and an impromptu homecoming celebration erupts with borscht and vodka being ingested by all. God leaves the party and wanders alone into the rubble. Joker has a tryst in the wheat fields with a Polish farm girl and Brass and Tadeusz drink vodka together and arm-wrestle late into the night.