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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

6 August 2000

08:00 Lima

God leaves their perch and decides to go talk to Koko about the location of the Najezdzcie Warsawskia's main hideout. After some discussion, Koko informs God that the KGB are picking up Americans off the street, and have offered a bounty on all Americans turned over to them, in an attempt to determine the location of the Reset Papers. God negotiates with Koko who decides not to turn God over to the KGB, but instead will help God find the headquarters of the Najezdzcie Warsawskia, ridding Koko of "a thorn in the Boss' side." As further payment, God agrees to split 50-50 all booty recovered in the raid.

Koko arranges to call God between 20:00 and 21:00 on their secure radio on the day he finds out the location of the marauders' headquarters.

16:00 Lima

Those in the ruins in Debniki hear the sounds of gunfire immediately nearby. Noticing NATO weapons in use, John Phoenix, Sgt. Brass and R.P. Bones head out to investigate, leaving Lt. Schaefer and Joker to guard the camp.

They come across 7 or 8 "opportunists" attacking three figures dressed in U.S. Army fatigues who are pinned down behind a collapsed wall of a building. In the exchange, one of the trio, Cpl. Langley is killed immediately, and one Sgt. Dubro is mortally wounded. Brass fires an RPG into the massed civilians who promptly flee.

Phoenix hunts them through the rubble and kills them all. He keeps one alive long enough to question their motives and finds out that these civilians had heard about the KGB offer and attacked the trio.

The sole survivor of the attack is the diminutive Captain Kathryn "Kate" Lockwood, a (very attractive and fit) intelligence officer attached to the S-3 Intelligence Group of the 5th Division. She fled Kalisz with the two others on foot when the divisional headquarters was overrun. She'd managed to avoid contact and made it to Kalisz, only to be attacked by local citizens.

17:00 Lima

God returns to their perch and he and Rand continue their watch over the warehouse.