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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

27 July 2000

Early in the morning. Beefheart returns long enough with his new friends to drive Whoop Ass through the wall of the warehouse yelling something about partying with his new friends (the ORMO), abandoning Rand to God and Joker.

The warehouse now rendered unlivable, the unit relocates to a new building, an abandoned auto mechanic's shop with doors big enough to accommodate "Bad Billy" (the Rapira-3) and the "Jalopy" (the Bimp).

In the afternoon, Joker, Rand and God return to Na Zdorowa to follow up on any leads. God comes down with cramps and a fever. Joker gets introduced to, and seduced by, Tatiana who later explains that she works for Shabak, Israeli secret service, and is willing to pay for the opportunity to photograph the papers before (and if) they return them to a man named Stark, a man previously unmentioned.

God, Rand and Joker return to Bones' flat to discuss options and spend the evening there. God misdiagnoses himself with dysentery. Rand and Gunnar stay up late "guarding the door" while drinking vodka and telling war stories.