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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

5 September 2000

06:00 Lima

After floating down river all night and avoiding the effects of the cold water, God floats the south entrance of the Wilga River into the Vistula and sees four cabin cruisers and an old police boat tied up along shore. On the police cruiser, called the Wislakrew, there is a man standing on the stern, discussing a map with several others. Along the shoreline, there are several tents pitched and several of the boats have men sitting on their sterns, smoking cigarettes and keeping watch.

God swims between the craft and, in the pre-dawn light, affixes scuttling charges to the sterns of several of the boats.

06:45 Lima

God finishes setting up the charges and swims into the middle of the river. He lobs an antitank grenade at the Wislakrew, sets off the charges and then swims to the bottom of the river as the concussion of the explosion rocks past him.

Phoenix and Brass hear the explosions and motor in that direction in the Frog.

06:55 Lima

Phoenix and Brass see the smoke from the burning boats and attacks the camp as the pirates flee for the bush or try to get the remaining boats started. Brass opens fire with rockets and the autocannon and makes quick work of the camp.

07:10 Lima

God crawls ashore and into the Frog and falls asleep. Brass and Phoenix stand watch and wait for the tug to arrive.

12:00 Lima

Adam pilots the Vistula Queen to the destroyed camp where Joker loots the wreckage. They then continue down river.

16:00 Lima

The tug sails on, links up with the Frog and makes camp 5km southeast of Gora Kalwaria.