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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events


7 October 2000

This day is spent gathering volunteers and prepping three LAV-25s and a LAV-75 for the upcoming meet.

8 October 2000

08:00 Lima

Molly dispatches the Unit and 30 Rangers with armor support and extra fuel to Zyrardow to wait for the meet.

12:00 Lima

The Troop arrives in the fields west of Zyrardow and sets up defensive positions.

16:00 Lima

An armored column from the Army of Sielce is spotted approaching Zyrardow on the road from Bytom. The rest of the day is spent with both parties observing each other and preparing defensive positions.

9 October 2000

08:00 Lima

Both sides gather up for the meet, which goes off uneventfully. Emissaries from the Margravate collect the Black Madonna from God and deliver 40 Americans in four 5-ton trucks. Red is reunited with his brother after being separated for over two years of war.

12:00 Lima

The convoy returns to Dobrodzien. On the way back to the fortress, Agrim tells the Unit about Operation OMEGA and how the U.S. is pulling out of Europe.

12:30 Lima

Molly meets the Unit and they meet with Agrim in private to discuss the ramifications of Operation OMEGA. It is decided that B-Troop and the Unit will try to make it back to Bremerhaven by the November 15th deadline in order to secure a space on the fleet returning to the United States.

9 October - 11 October 2000

Quietly, so as to not arouse the suspicion and potential ire of the citizens of Dobrodzien, B-Troop begins mustering its troops and equipment to prepare for the long voyage to Bremerhaven.