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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

6 September 2000

08:00 Lima

Brass and Phoenix head down river in the Frog as the tug sets sail.

11:30 Lima

From the crows' nest, God spots a flash of light reflected off of glass on a hilltop near Otwock. Adam holds the tug in a hover in the middle of the river as God bails over the side to check it out.

12:00 Lima

God approaches the site and sees that it is an observation post manned by three men, a 60mm mortar and a PRC-25 radio.

God destroys the site with grenades and sees that there is a flotilla of boats sailing down the Otwock River towards the Vistula in an ambush of the Vistula Queen. He also sees that, around a bend and partially obstructed from the view from the river that a string of small craft have been chained bow to stern across the river, with the massive chain anchored at either end with posts driven into the river.

As the river pirates approach the junction of the two rivers, they come under fire of Joker on Bad Billy on the bow of the tug, God with the Hand, and Brass and Phoenix in the Frog.

A pitched battle ensues and boats erupt in flames as Bad Billy takes its toll on the pirates. The barge takes a direct hit from a mortar and sinks, forcing Adam to swerve the tug around it. Brass sinks several with rocket and autocannon fire from the Frog but the Krolowa itself takes damage from mortar and machine-gun fire, but the armor plate and sandbags covering most of her superstructure prevent her from receiving more serious wounds. Kate is wounded while acting as loader for Bad Billy, taking shrapnel from a near miss in her back.

12:30 Lima

The river is filled with the burning wrecks of the pirate fleet and with debris from exploded boats, so Adam brings the tug against the shore to let the wreckage float down river. In avoiding the wreckage, he fails to spot a sawyer that smashes against the stern of the tug, damaging one of the drive shafts and screws, but manages to bring the tug to shore without further damage.

12:35 Lima

God rejoins Phoenix and Brass in the Frog as they head down the slope to the shoreline. The wreckage of the pirate fleet floats down river to become logjammed against the chained blockade of boats. Joker and Walter Matusak hop across the chained boats, trying to recover a particularly undamaged cabin cruiser that is on fire from a grenade explosion.

Brass dubs the cabin cruiser "God's Yacht" as God climbs aboard to assess the damage done to his new craft. Phoenix tries driving the Frog over the steel post anchoring one end of the chain to free the logjam, but ends up throwing a track against and pinning the Frog on the post.

12:45 Lima

Phoenix blows up the chain with some plastique and Uller tows the yacht to shore using a winch from the Krolowa as Grzyech turns on the air compressor and drops overboard with an air mask to inspect the damage to Krolowa's stern. Schaefer tends to Kate's wounds and sets her up in the medical area in the galley.

The rest of the day is spent in salvage efforts of the pirate fleet, and repairing the Tug. Somehow, the tracked vehicle tools have been lost and so there is no way to fix the track of the Frog.

20:00 Lima

Schaefer and God, standing watch, spot three small boats motoring their way upriver. God challenges them and orders them to stop and state their intentions. It turns out that they are scouts from the Miasto Plywajecy Warsawskia ("Warsaw's Floating City") coming to investigate all the flotsam they've spotting floating down river.

God tells them that the Pirates have been destroyed or scattered and that they should come aboard to swap information.

20:30 Lima

Two of the scouts, Peotr and Oleg, come aboard and explain that they are part of the "River People" that have banded together at the Floating City for mutual support and trade. They are currently trapped between the River Pirates and the forces of a man called the Black Baron who has set up a headquarters for his marauder band in Warsaw and shoots up any boat that tries to pass it. They invite the tug's crew to come down river to meet the leader of the River People, Komodor Gotfryd Starsinski who might be able to help procure heavy machine tools as a favor for destroying the river pirates.