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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

27 August 2000

05:30 Lima

Adam wakes up the crew and the unit, hoping to get an early start. They spend the day navigating through the obstructions of the river and pass the Dunajec River around midday.

15:00 Lima

The unit passes the deserted town of Nowy Korczyn and approaches the bridge of Szczucin which has indeed partially collapsed. Adam heaves to about a half an hour away and God, Phoenix, Joker and Brass proceed on foot to blow the bridge with C-4.

16:30 Lima

God, Phoenix, Joker and Brass reach the bridge and decide to blow the western span, planting charges to drop the span and then to destroy it.

17:00 Lima

God and Phoenix detonate their twin charges. God's span-dropping charge splits the bridge but fails to destroy his chunk and Phoenix' span dropping fails at the shoreline but is severely weakened by his second charge. The two radio for more explosives and get to work again.

18:00 Lima

The second set of charges detonate and the bridge is destroyed. Adam decides to pull the tug past the bridge a ways but dark descends and he is hesitant to go any further. They keep a strict watch, fearing the noise from the explosions may attract marauders.

21:00 Lima

God and Uller hear the sound of a jeep approaching from the east shore. Uller wakes up the Unit and gets the crew of the tug belowdecks. The engine noises fade and some muted conversation can be heard from the eastern span of the bridge. A figure is silhouetted against the night sky for a brief second and then muzzle flashes flare and bullets slam into the sandbagged superstructure of the tug.

Brass fires off an illumination round, God fires the Hand at a flash and misses, Phoenix is pinned down behind a steel plated gunwale and Joker returns fire.

Brass attacks with his "bitch sticks" and kills several of the attackers with 40mm grenades. God snaps off a shot as another silhouette appears for a moment and Joker fires off a grenade that blows a hole in the deck of the bridge.

There is no return fire, but the jeep is heard to be started up. Brass, tracking by sound, lets go with a single grenade and scores an incredible direct hit on the jeep, destroying it.