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Autumn Twilight

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Order of Events

9 September 2000

Day of gear checking and weapons maintenance. The group recruits 6 volunteers from the Flotilla to man any spare heavy weapons on board the tug. It is decided that God will attempt to blow the bridges near the communities of Muranow and Powisle, hopefully separating the Baron's army on either side of the river, limiting their reaction ability.

22:00 Lima

God begins floating down river loaded with explosives.

10 September 2000

02:00 Lima

Under the cover of night, God reaches the bridges and sets demolition charges and holes up to wait for the tug's approach.

06:00 Lima

The Krolowa approaches the bridges. God blows the bridges, destroying some of the Baron's armor. Joker opens up with Bad Billy, destroying more armor, while the gunners from the Flotilla open fire with their heavy machine-guns at troop emplacements along the shoreline. The Krolowa is hit several times with rockets, but the steel-and-sandbag armor of the conning tower withstand the blast.

06:16 Lima

As the tug approaches the turning basin near the community of Sielce, it takes a direct hit to the rear deck from the Baron's 155mm Howitzer, instantly killing Roszkowski who was taking shelter belowdecks in the hold. The tug immediately begins to sink, but Adam manages to get it close to safe shores before it finally settles on the river bottom, three meters deep, leaving the main deck a meter under the surface.

The group surveys the damage and begins to unload what equipment and weapons that can be salvaged from the wreck.

10 September 2000 - 11 September 2000

The community sends volunteers to help salvage operations on the tug, and Josef Grzyech examines the extent of the tug's damage. The unit also meets with Filip to discuss strategy and how to deal with the Baron.

12 September 2000

Filip's agents return with word that the Baron has sent the convoy to meet with a marauder band who will provide him with chemical blood agent rounds for his howitzer in exchange for gold and supplies.

The unit decides to ambush the convoy at the limit of radio range in the outskirts of Radzymin.